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University of Michigan Blue and Gold LogoBy most standards, University of Michigan is considered among the top public universities, if not one of the best of all universities. This university has performed quite well under our real-world analyses, placing it among the top rankings in numerous fields of study.


The university is located in Ann Arbor, a mid-sized city about an hour from Detroit. Part of its renown comes from its athletics department, which historically has recruited top talent, and ranking among the top in many sports. This sports and academic success fuels an large alumni network, annual giving and a large sized endowment. The university ranks high in the RealRank real-world renown rankings, academic breadth and diversity. In recent years, the university has brought in one of the largest diversity administrations staffs, as a means of addressing a perceived diversity gap.


The rankings in which the university has appeared can be found at the end of this profile.


The Basics

Location Ann Arbor, Michigan
Official Website Michigan
Nickname Wolverines
School Colors Blue & Gold
Athletic Conference Big 10

RealRank Ranking Categories

Reputation Gold
Renown Platinum
Diversity Success Bronze
Sports Renown Platinum
Tuition Profile Public. Mid-range cost for in-state residents, high cost for out-of-state residents.
Endowment Platinum
Alumni Engagement Gold

Key: Platinum: Elite Class; Gold: Very good; Silver: Successful, with room to improve;

Bronze: Mid to low range; NI: Needs improvement.


Academic Profile

Academic Range Well-Rounded
Professional Schools:
Architecture Yes
Business Yes
Dental Yes
Engineering Yes
Law Yes
Medical Yes
Nursing Yes
Core Science Breadth Yes
Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities Breadth Yes
Human Sciences / Education Yes
Public Health / Urban Policy Yes

Renowned Alumni

So you graduated from a university, but have you made your mark on the world? Here are a few of the notable alumni of University of Michigan that you may have heard of:

  • David Barger – Founder of JetBlue.
  • Tom Brady – The GOAT. Considered by many to be the greatest football quarterback of all time.
  • Clarence Darrow – Defense attorney famous for the Scopes “Monkey Trial”.
  • Gerald Ford – Former U.S. President.
  • Sanjay Gupta – Neurosurgeon and medical correspondent for CNN.
  • James P. Hoffa – President of Teamsters Union.
  • James Earl Jones – Actor
  • Lucy Liu – Actress
  • Madonna (Madonna Louise Ciccone) – Performer.
  • Larry Page – Founder of Google.
  • Michael Phelps – Swimmer, winner of 28 gold medals.
  • Iggy Pop (James Newell Osterberg Jr.) – Musician, known as a founder of the alternative music scene (did not graduate).
  • Mike Wallace – CBS News correspondent, and original 60-minutes co-host.
  • Raoul Gustaf Wallenberg – Swedish diplomat, successfully opposed Nazi Holocaust, designated as one of “Righteous Among Nations” by Israel.

Who else would you add to this list?


Most Popular Majors

The most popular majors at University of Michigan include the following. Although percentages are provided for value range understanding, these percentages may fluctuate from year to year:

  • Engineering (16%)
  • Computer and Information Sciences (12%)
  • Social Sciences (11%)
  • Biology (9%)
  • Business and Marketing (9%)
  • Psychology (8%)
  • Visual and Performing Arts (5%).



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