Summer 2024 College Rankings

Brook Report Summer 2024 Rankings

The Brook Report Summer 2024 college rankings are here and rolling out! Preparing and evaluating college rankings are full-year processes. However, instead of a single rankings publication, this Summer we are providing preliminary rankings for the 2024-25 period.

Also unlike in past years, we are rolling out the Summer 2024 rankings on our social media. You can follow them on the Brook Report Instagram page, or on our Facebook. You should subscribe so they come in to your feed as they are released.

This past year has been interesting as others increasingly are trying to copy our non-survey based algorithm, as many top colleges decline to participate in surveys. This is based on a growing realization that college administrator surveys tend to promote a systemically self-perpetuating methodology.

We have been known for our methodology partially directed to wringing out historical and systemic biases in assessing college reputations. Likewise in emphasizing factors affecting a campus an intellectual environment of dispassionate learning, free of intimidation, whether racism, anti-Semitism or just plain old rigidly uncaring professors or administrators. After all, the purpose of a valid college ranking methodology is to give students, parents and alumni insights into the institutions furthering societal advancement, and preparing young minds for fulfilling lifetimes.

So, some people may be surprised for the Summer of 2024. A college everyone may believe is just a generic big state school may do well, but an old university everyone historically believes is top-10 may fall down to the top 20 or further. This is reflective of our methodology, which looks at actual results, current reputation, and numerous campus, educational and diverse criteria. Follow us here and enjoy!


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