Brown University – Rankings and Review

Brown University coat of arms.Brown is one of the eight original Ivy League Universities, and was founded before the American revolution in 1764. It started out as an all-male institution, with Pembroke College being its all-female counterpart. However, the two colleges fully merged in 1971, creating a gender integration.

The Basics

Location Providence, Rhode Island
Official Website Brown
Nickname Bears
School Colors Brown, Cardinal Red & White
Athletic Conference Ivy League

RealRank Ranking Categories

Reputation Platinum
Renown Bronze
Diversity Success NI
Sports Renown NI
Tuition Profile High cost private college..
Endowment Silver
Alumni Engagement Bronze

Key: Platinum: Elite Class; Gold: Very good; Silver: Successful, with room to improve;

Bronze: Mid to low range; NI: Needs improvement.

Academic Profile

Academic Range Narrow
Professional Schools:
Architecture No
Business No
Dental No
Engineering Yes
Law No
Medical Yes
Nursing No
Veterinary Medicine No
Core Science Breadth Medium
Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities Breadth Medium
Agriculture No
Human Sciences / Education No
Public Health / Urban Policy Yes

Renowned Alumni

Here are some of the more famous alumni of Brown. Can you think of any others you would like to put on the list?

  • Jessica Brooke Capshaw – Actress.
  • Susan Cheever – Author.
  • Ricardo Lagos Escobar – President of Chile.
  • Laura Geller – First female graduate of Hebrew Union College and Chief Rabbi of Temple Emanuel in Beverly Hills, CA.
  • Chris Hayes – MSNBC host and commentator.
  • Richard Holbrooke – Assistant Secretary of State.
  • Charles Evan Hughes – Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Bobbie Jindal – Governor of Louisiana.
  • Helen Johns – Olympic gold medalist for swimmer.
  • Tom Perez – Chair of the Democratic Party National Committee.
  • Jane Pincus – Author of -Our Bodies, Ourselves.-
  • Romano Prodi – Served twice as Prime Minister of Italy, and 10th President of the European Commission.
  • Nirupama Rao – India’s Foreign Minister, and former Ambassador to the United States.
  • John Sculley – CEO of Apple Computers.
  • Ted Turner – Founder of CNN.
  • Emma Watson – Actress.
  • Thomas Watson, Jr. – CEO of IBM (International Business Machines Corp.)
  • Janet Yellen – Secretary of the Treasury and former Chair of Federal Reserve.

Any others you would add to this listing? What has been your experience at Brown?



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