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Texas A&M University Review & Rankings

Overall Rank: Ranked #11 in the 2022 rankings of the Best Colleges in the United States. Scroll down for the detailed subject major rankings, following the college data. 

Official Seal of Texas A&M University.Texas A&M is one of the leading universities for Engineering and Agriculture degrees. In addition to those original fields of focus, the university has expanded to a high profile in science and other majors in our RealRank analytics. The university has one of the largest endowments in the country, in addition to state funding. That combination has fueled its academic success in recent years. The “A&M” in its name stand for its founding name, which included “agriculture” and “mechanics”.


In addition to it’s rankings in various academic disciplines, Texas A&M also is one of the six “Senior Military Colleges” (SMC) in the United States. Basically this makes Texas A&M’s ROTC program a little different from other colleges. One difference is that graduates of the ROTC program are not required to enroll in the military after graduation, unlike other programs, although typically most want to anyway. Another difference is that the university maintains a “Corps of Cadets,” which are students that wear military style uniforms and have other aspects of military stature. As a SMC, it also is required to have an objective of the development of students’ character. That ethos is a component Texas A&M’s public reputation, and also helps to foster an engaged alumni network.

The Basics

Location College Station, Texas
Official Website Texas A&M
Nickname Aggies
School Colors Maroon & White
Athletic Conference Southeastern

RealRank Ranking Categories

Reputation Gold
Renown Platinum
Diversity Success Platinum
Sports Renown Platinum
Tuition Profile Public university with relatively low tuition for in-state Texas residents and medium-high for out of state residents.
Endowment Platinum
Alumni Engagement Platinum

Key: Platinum: Elite Class; Gold: Very good; Silver: Successful, with room to improve;

Bronze: Mid to low range; NI: Needs improvement.

Academic Profile

Academic Range Broad, Full Academic Program
Professional Schools:
Architecture Yes
Business Yes
Dental Yes, off-campus in Dallas, TX.
Engineering Yes
Law Yes, off-campus in Fort Worth, TX.
Medical Yes
Nursing Yes
Core Science Breadth Yes
Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities Breadth Yes
Human Sciences / Education Yes
Public Health / Urban Policy Yes

Renowned Alumni

Here are some of the notable alumni from Texas A&M who you might have heard of. Are there any others you feel should be added to this list?

  • Derek Barton – Winner of Nobel Prize for Chemistry.
  • Henry Cisneros – Former Mayor of San Antonio, TX, and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Henry Cuellar – Congressman.
  • Khalid A. Al-Falih – CEO of Saudi ARAMCO.
  • Frank Ford – Founder of Arrowhead Mills.
  • Robert Gates – Secretary of Defense under Democrat and Republican administrations, and, former President of Texas A&M. (not alumn).
  • Louie Gohmert –  Congressman.
  • Patricia Gras – Talk show host.
  • Robert Earl Keen – Singer-Songwriter.
  • Jack Kilby – Winner of Nobel Prize for Physics.
  • Chuck Knoblauch – MLB baseball player, second baseman.
  • Steve Largent – Hall of Fame wide receiver for NFL Seattle Seahawks, and former Congressman.
  • Lyle Lovett – Singer-Songwriter.
  • George P. Mitchell – CEO of Mitchell Energy.
  • Mike Montgomery – Head Coach of Stanford University basketball team 1986-2004 and of NBA Golden State Warriors, 2004-2006.
  • Rick Perry – Former Secretary of Energy and Governor of Texas.
  • T. Boone Pickens, Jr. – Petroleum industry entrepreneur and CEO of BP Capital Management.
  • Greg Pappas – Architect.
  • Jorge F. Quiroga-Ramirez – Former President of Bolivia.
  • Charles E. Toberman – known as the “founder” of Hollywood, having developed the Hollywood Bowl, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, El Capitan Theater and the Roosevelt Hotel.
  • Rip Torn – Actor.
  • Martin Torrijos – Former President of Panama.
  • Vernon L. Smith – Winner of Nobel Prize for Economics.



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